Day 3: 3 Peaks Bike Tour

6:00am start in a drizzle that felt more like a torrent when descending hills at 30mph. We changed into our waterproofs and they did the job well. In a way riding in the rain can be quite enjoyable when you’re properly prepared for it.

We stopped in Market Drayton and with it being a bank holiday Sunday the town was devoid of life, like the rain had washed it away. We stopped a man and asked where would be open so we could get breakfast. He pointed out that Bargain Booze would be open. Eventually, and with no help from the locals, we found a weatherspoons and had a full-English each.

We soldiered on toward Ruabon through winding and undulating backroads until the rain ceased. Sunday roast was consumed for lunch and then we rode off on full stomachs – not something I’d recommend.

Llangollen was our next checkpoint and as we pushed up gruelling hills the sun broke through the overcast sky. The ride was beautiful, up hills (big), downhills (big + fast), great views and all of the things we’d been looking forward to.
The route to Llangollen was improved vastly when we dropped off the road down onto the canal and flashed by walkers and canal barges.

We explored Llangollen for a while and now, in the afternoon heat, we found a beautiful bend in the river accompanied by a rope-swing. It had to be done. The water was ice-cold but there was definitely something purifying about submerging in it. The last two and half days sweat and dust washed off.

The A5 led us out of Llangollen to our final destination – Corwen. The ride was very picturesque, passing rolling green hills with a river meandering at the base of the valley.

In Corwen we cycled to the outskirts and camped halfway up the highest hill. We carried our dinner and ciders up to the summit and sat and watched as as the sun dropped behind the hills – laying a shadow over the small town below us.


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