Day 4: 3 Peaks Bike Tour


When we crawled out of bed in the morning we were confronted with an audience of cows, all starey and menacing. We packed down, constantly looking over our shoulders to make sure out neighbours weren’t advancing upon us – a few had gnarly horns poking out of their fat heads.


We began the day by heading back into Corwen where we ate breakfast. We took the A5 towards Betws-y-Coed which was mainly downhill, allowing us to hit speeds of 40mph. It was a little sketchy, with us spending a lot of time cutting corners and entering the lane of oncoming traffic (obviously we did this only when safe).
The road dived down into the tourist town, also known as ‘The Gateway to Snowdon’ and it was here we stopped for a couple of hours to grab lunch and charge out electronics.
The place was nice but just too busy. Once we’d let the food go down we reconnected with the A5 towards Nantes Peris. After having spent so much time dropping down we now had to climb our way out of the basin we had descended into.


It was a gruelling final 12 miles as we granny-geared our way toward the Pen-y-Pass. The pass was a real bugger but we pedalled until sweat was dripping from the ends of our noses – crawling at mighty 8mph. We didn’t hang about long at the top as we were eager to shoot down the opposite side. We took a quick look about us, peering down at the valley we’d left behind, before shifting into sprint gears and hurtling down to Nantes Peris and, ultimately, our campsite.

At the camp we paid out board, whacked up the tents, and hit up the local for a couple of pints and dinner.



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